The Fear of Falling

I did not know exactly how to say it, but the thought of getting onto the floor was really scary! I was actually embarrassed to say it out loud. I had just met Chris for the consultation and was feeling awkward expressing this fear. To my surprise though, Chris made me feel comfortable talking about it openly. He told me that many people fear getting down onto the floor, because they aren’t sure they can get back up. I was happy to hear I wasn’t alone!... Read More

Stretching Changed my Life

I love to run! I have been a runner all my life. Running is what has kept me mentally sharp and physically strong…for the most part.  In recent years, I started having nagging back pain.  As the pain grew, my running suffered. When I could not figure out how to remedy the discomfort on my own, I turned to Body Within. As a lifelong athlete, I thought I would ace the fitness assessment. But, to my surprised the results showed how much I needed to wor... Read More

Working Out Post Rehab: Low Back Injury

Kathy doesn’t stay in one place long. Not only does she run all over the University of Michigan’s campus as part of her job, she gracefully glides across water on skis and can shoot a solid round of golf. Needless to say, an unexpected back injury had a huge impact on her life. Recovery was slow, but sure and physical therapy helped. As Kathy approached the end of her PT, she knew she still needed more. That is when she reached out to Body Within. K... Read More

Super Papa!

“I don’t want to be a papa. I want to be a SUPER papa!” I remember the day we had this conversation. It was as if I could see his cape swirling in the wind behind him. He was inspired. I was inspired and five grand kids later he is living up to his words. SUPER papa does everything from sledding in the winter to family baseball tournaments in the summer...on the field he built! He walks the woods, taps trees, boils the sap to make maple syrup, and re... Read More

Me Time Means Go Time

Every day, before the sun rises, know an ambitious woman is starting her day off right.  The house is quiet.  The husband and two young boys are still tucked away.  Even the dog is half-hearted at this early hour.  But, this is the golden hour of Me Time! This precious time is a little different each day.  Some days are dedicated to reading or meditation, but two days a week are dedicated to training with Body Within.  Me T... Read More

“I Don’t Dread Workouts Anymore!”

Kathy began working with Body Within for the usual reasons...stress management, convenience, and to create consistency with her workouts. For years she worked on building functional strength and always liked having a little yoga every now and again. Well, you know that saying, life comes at you fast...? One day Kathy’s life unexpectedly shifted gears, but she was READY! Physically she was strong. We had challenged her enough throughout training that s... Read More

Where Should I Begin?

It was a visit to the doctor's office that started everything.  Blood pressure was higher...again.  Weight was up as well.  Stress was not managed.  Sleeping was a challenge.  This was just the beginning! The doc looked over the top of his glasses and simply said, "You need to exercise." Simple enough...if you know how!  And frankly, sweating was gross and gyms were dirty.  So the first logical step seemed to be as str... Read More

An Elite Athlete Who Is Also A Grandma

Terese seems to defy the normal aging process with her strength, power, and endurance. This grandmother to five has several first place marathon finishes and is also a top ranked Ironman! The most surprising part of her story, she didn’t start training till she was in her 40s!!! One day she decided to run and get the mail...literally. Her amazing journey to becoming an elite athlete started by a jog to the mailbox. Each day she went a bit further and the... Read More

Family Matters

A blessing for Body Within is the length of time our clients stay with us. This couple is just one example of training across the years. When we first teamed up with this husband and wife life was just beginning to move into a new stage. The last child of three was finishing high school and it was time to prepare for an empty nest. Both had careers that demanded high levels of mental concentration and long hours away home. Our workouts provided them an opp... Read More

Your Health is Your Wealth

Retirement was supposed to be a peaceful time for enjoying his dream home, playing with grandchildren, and having time to take them hunting and fishing on his property.  Retirement was the culmination of decades of hard work and sacrifice.  Then the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease came.  Body Within is fortunate to work with amazing clients.  People who have fortitude.  People who get knocked down, but get back up.  People... Read More

Smart Moves

Anyone who has ever made a real estate transaction knows the amount of energy that goes into the details of every deal.  One deal may take a realtor into a home where climbing multiple sets of stairs is required.  Another deal may be hiking a large tract of land through mud, rough terrain, or even deep snow.  Heck, a realtor might find themselves crawling through small spaces or pulling themselves over unexpected obstacles.  It may be s... Read More

Exercising Smarter to Exercise Longer

Motivation was never an issue. Going to classes was fun. The gym was a great place to socialize and meet like-minded people! The only problem...which was a BIG problem...classes weren’t individualized. They couldn’t be. Everyone did the same thing, over and over, with only a few alternatives here and there. Hiring a personal trainer seemed unnecessary, but one Christmas she was gifted a trainer and everything changed. No...she didn’t stop going to... Read More

A Real Go-Getter

One of our most consistent clients we’ve ever had at Body Within proving “if you do it...it works!” This story began like so many others. A new client needing a few new ideas to sprinkle into an already existing program. (Often times these routines have been used for years. An oldie, but a goodie.) After a few sessions learning more about body mechanics and functional movement, a forever client is born! We started working together over 10 ye... Read More

The Dynamic Digital Duo!

Three times a week, before the sun rises, this dynamic duo make their way into their basement.  They prop up their iPad and wait for FaceTime to ring in.  When their faces are beamed into my office I always smile, because I know they are ready to go and willing to give their best effort.  They work hard for themselves and each other.  They encourage and compliment each other.  They have fun.  They laugh.  They horse around and sometimes show off a b... Read More

The Story of Every Busy Executive

We attract a certain type of client at Body Within. Of course, we can train all types of people, but we seem to attract a specific type. Think Busy Executive. I hope this term doesn’t offend, but rather pulls to mind someone on a tight schedule that is driven by goals and results. Achievement and success are expected. Busy Executives want reliable, educated, professional trainers. Their time is valuable. We respect that. (If a Busy Executive were reading... Read More

No More Meds

There is a moment in time when a choice in made. A decision. Change happens. There is movement in a new direction. As trainers, we often are a part of major change in peoples’ lives. We witness the moments when people realize they can move, stretch, strengthen, challenge themselves, and rise to accomplish new goals. We get to share in the joy and power of knowing that we all have control over so much in our lives. Since exercise has repeatedly has ... Read More

Drops 25, But Gains 10. (That’s Pounds and Years!)

No surprises here! The title says it all. Truly, it is amazing how dropping 25 pounds can add so much to life. Gone is a stiff body with achy joints. Now there is a sensation of athleticism. It feels good to move. Jump. Run. Play. Faster. Lighter. Stronger. There is a desire to be active. Sweat is now a reward for achievement, not a sign of struggle and defeat. Even sleeping is less strenuous, more restful. Walking in the woods, instead of sitting in front... Read More

The Cold, Hard Truth

Think cold. February. Michigan. You are outside. Standing on a frozen lake. The wind is whipping around you. The sky is blue. There aren’t any clouds. There isn’t any warmth from the sun. Imagine being out there on purpose…to fish. This is what some people train for. This, personally, amazes me. I am always cold, so it is hard for me to imagine why this is a hobby. For those who don’t know, frosty air is very dry. It can be brutal on the lungs. ... Read More

From Injury to Recovery

Accidents happen. It is a part of life. Most injuries heal. Some faster than others. A year after the accident, back pain was still a part of everyday life. It was constantly nagging. There was weakness now. Her back felt unsupported. She was constantly trying to protect it. Every activity had to be evaluated against how many problems it would cause. It all became too much. She needed help. She needed specific exercises to strengthen her core. We worked on... Read More

For The Love of Golf

The competitive spirit is alive and well in many golfers we train. It seems respect is earned from a power drive. Endurance and focus are needed to stay on course. And, I am told, the real money is made on the greens. There also seems to be a certain satisfaction that is derived from beating friends in a round of golf. I may never experience this type of glory, but I know what it takes to get a power swing. I know the importance of using both rotational an... Read More

Fighting Migraines One Workout At A Time

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that exercise can make migraines come less often and make them less severe. Adam, a doctor, knew this. However, he still suffered! Why? How could that be? Well…like so many of us he knew what he should do, but failed to make time to do it! Body Within became the solution to that problem. Our training service prioritized workouts in Adam’s schedule. Once he scheduled with us, he knew it would happen. Come Hell or high w... Read More

Breaking Out Of An Exercise Rut

Much of our lives are automated. I am not talking technology here. I am talking about the way humans move through their daily routines. Little thought is put into those things we do every day like brushing our teeth, preparing the first cup of coffee in the morning, or driving to and from the office. This mindlessness often slips into people’s workouts as well. It is interesting how many people wear the same clothes to workout at the same time in the sam... Read More

Strength Matters

Your body’s ability to carry you through life is what makes all the difference. Are you able to fully participate or do you have to watch from the sidelines? Are you able to rise to any occasion or do you often pass the baton to someone else? What if you were in a serious accident? Would you linger with self-doubt or would you heal stronger than before? As you think about those questions, know that strength matters. Need I say more?!... Read More