Success Stories

Training With A Dedicated Elite Athlete

Terese is a real go-getter who has been working with Body Within since 2006. We are proud to be a paratrooper of all her accomplishments including several 1st place marathon finishes and top rankings at triathlon events. She seems to defy the aging process with her strength, power and endurance.... Read More

A Real Go-Getter

One of our most consistent clients we’ve ever had at Body Within and proving “if you do works!”... Read More

Fitness For Active Agers

With multiple grandkids these folks are using strength, flexibility, and balance training to help be the “ABLE” grandparents!... Read More

Using Fitness To Change Lives

Body With has three 3’s (Confidence, Consistency, Change) and we use these process steps with all clients to get positive results.... Read More

Self Improvement

Longtime Body Within client who is goal driven and committed to self improvement using STRONG BODY = STRONG MIND... Read More

Husband And Wife Fitness

Active Agers gaining strength and endurance to keep up with many grandkids!... Read More

Fitness Training For Life

So much fun to be a fitness coach for this former business owner who is freshly retired and now focused on getting in the best shape of his life!... Read More

Helping A Beginner Into Great Health

Marsha wanted Body Within to give her direction around what exercises would work best for her. We put her through our fitness assessment and started with our “strong in your own skin” program and she’s doing awesome.... Read More

Helping A Busy Executive In Brighton To Move Better And Feel Better

When we met Brian he had a lot of discomfort/pain in his joints. We did a functional movement screen to determine the appropriate corrective exercises to get him moving better and feeling better.... Read More

Helping A Beginner Get Off Medications

When we met Jason his number one goal was to get off blood pressure medication. Not only has he accomplished this huge task he’s also continued to improve his body fat percentage and increased strength, flexibility, and balance.... Read More

Helping A Busy Executive Back Into Good Health

Tom was wondering how he would ever “fit in” workouts into his hectic days. We introduced our “quick hitter” workout programs and he’s seeing tremendous results.... Read More

Strengthening Active Agers In West Bloomfield

These great folks hired Body Within to help prevent osteoporosis and give them more strength, flexibility, and endurance to continue traveling and playing with all their grandkids!... Read More

Training Active Seniors In Hartland

Gary wanted to be “super grandpa” and wasn’t able to because of his physical limitations. After working with us he’s now “ABLE.” Able to play with his grandkids, travel, etc., and enjoying retirement.... Read More

Training an Active Ager In Brighton

Paul needed a fitness plan with measurable goals along the way. After about six months he’s back into good health, feeling great and confident about his new plan!... Read More

Training Beginners In Hartland

We put Carrie through a functional movement screen to help find appropriate exercise. And then worked on form and technique to maximize results.... Read More

Training Beginners At The Fit Club

We put Craig through our Titleist Golf Fitness program which focuses on increasing flexibility, balance, and power which equals great results of the golf course.... Read More

Training Busy Executives In Brighton

Adam has a hectic / high stress career and was suffering from severe migraines. We put a program together focusing on total body conditioning with appropriate breathing techniques.... Read More

Training Beginners In South Lyon

Kathy needed guidance around doing appropriate exercises safely and effectively so she didn’t get hurt or waste her time.... Read More

Training Busy Parents

Stephanie is a busy parent who needed time for herself. We focused on getting her back to a consistent exercise program that would increase her range of motion helping her to move better and feel better.... Read More

Training Beginners In Brighton

Amy needed the proper education, motivation, and accountability to get herself back into good health. We developed a realistic approach to a lifestyle of consistent exercise and clean eating.... Read More

Training Busy Executives In Brighton Township

Kathy is a business owner who knew she needed to do something about getting into better health but did not know where to start. We worked with her busy schedule and started a training program 2x per week working on strength, flexibility, and balance in the privacy and convenience of her own home.... Read More

Strengthening Busy Executives In Hartland

Improving strength, balance, and stamina!... Read More