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The Fear of Falling

I did not know exactly how to say it, but the thought of getting onto the floor was really scary! I was actually embarrassed to say it out loud. I had just met Chris for the c ...View Full Story

Stretching Changed my Life

I love to run! I have been a runner all my life. Running is what has kept me mentally sharp and physically strong…for the most part.  In recent years, I started having nagg ...View Full Story

Drops 25, But Gains 10. (That's Pounds and Years!)

No surprises here! The title says it all. Truly, it is amazing how dropping 25 pounds can add so much to life. Gone is a stiff body with achy joints. Now there is a sensation ...View Full Story

For The Love of Golf

The competitive spirit is alive and well in many golfers we train. It seems respect is earned from a power drive. Endurance and focus are needed to stay on course. And, I am t ...View Full Story

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