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Super Papa!

“I don’t want to be a papa. I want to be a SUPER papa!” I remember the day we had this conversation. It was as if I could see his cape swirling in the wind behind him. H ...View Full Story

An Elite Athlete Who Is Also A Grandma

Terese seems to defy the normal aging process with her strength, power, and endurance. This grandmother to five has several first place marathon finishes and is also a top ran ...View Full Story

From Injury to Recovery

Accidents happen. It is a part of life. Most injuries heal. Some faster than others. A year after the accident, back pain was still a part of everyday life. It was constantly ...View Full Story

Strength Matters

Your body’s ability to carry you through life is what makes all the difference. Are you able to fully participate or do you have to watch from the sidelines? Are you able ...View Full Story

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