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Alberto, MI & IL

  I have worked with Body Within for years doing in-home training and recently switched over to remote training due to COVID-19. It has worked excellent. In fact, it’s the same i..

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Jerry, MI

  Body Within Remote Training is an excellent option for workout consistency, privacy, and no worries about spreading germs, all of which are most important for me...

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Marsha, FL & MI

  I love remote training.  The workouts are great. I travel to and from Florida often, so the freedom to train anywhere is awesome.  I also like that the weather is NO EXCU..

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Ann and Joe, IL

  Remote training is great!  It’s personalized, super convenient (one click and we are rolling), and I can see smiling faces. It’s also great for when we traveling or when w..

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Jan, NC

  I’ve used Body Within’s online training for the last ten years. They are reliable. They never cancel! They are so knowledgeable and provide the proper workouts to help me me..

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Terese – Hartland

  Great trainers who meet my personal needs and prepare me for my races. Awesome people who are always very accommodating to my busy schedule!  --Terese, Hartland..

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Gary – Hartland

  Since working with Body Within my health has really improved. I’m down about 25 pounds, have gained strength, and improved my balance. In fact, I was just at the doctor's office...

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Kathy – South Lyon

  Working with the staff at Body Within has helped me set very obtainable fitness goals. I have been recovering from a lower back injury and after completing physical therapy, it was..

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Lance and Marquerite – Pinckney

  My wife and I have been working out with Body Within for almost 10 years.  They truly care about our health and physical condition. We both have arthritis and they always find..

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Lance – Pinckney

  Body Within has been helping me stay healthy and fit for over a decade.  It’s also a huge stress relief for mental clarity!  --Lance, Pinckney..

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*Getting your body healthy, strong, and conditioned may be one of the hardest things you have ever done. Many different factors determine success. Please be mindful that RESULTS MAY VARY.