*How long until I see results?

Exercise has a cumulative effect. If you are consistent with workouts and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, we typically see noticeable physical changes in as little as 4 weeks.


*Getting your body healthy, strong, and conditioned may be one of the hardest things you have ever done.  Many different factors determine success.  Please be mindful that RESULTS MAY VARY.

Do I need equipment?

No equipment, no problem. We bring everything necessary for a safe and effective workout.

We also believe the simplest forms of equipment (bands, dumbbells, exercise balls, etc.) are the most effective. You have to work to balance and stabilize these tools giving you overall conditioning.

How many sessions per week are necessary?

Two is generally a good number. Having said that, keep in mind personal training is a personal service based on your unique needs. The number of visits will depend on your motivation and your fitness level. Some clients work with a trainer three times a week, because they are not motivated to workout by themselves. Others see a trainer once a month to get fresh ideas on changing up their routine. Regardless of how many times you meet with us during the week, we advocate cardio training on the days in-between. Remember, the body is at its best when moving. If you do some sort of exercise five days per week, you will get the most effective results.

Who hires an in-home personal trainer?

Anyone. We train a wide variety of people for many different reasons. Our youngest client is 9, conditioning his body to overcome a birth defect. Our oldest client is an 83 year old who wants to improve his energy levels. In between we have clients that are everything from executives to stay at home parents. We even have clients with special physical needs. More specifically, in-home personal trainers are for anyone who does not have time to go to the gym or does not feel comfortable in the gym.

Why hire a personal trainer?

How well do you think a sports team would perform without a coach? A trainer serves as your coach to educate and help motivate you to develop positive fitness and nutrition habits. Most people need guidance and clear direction when developing these habits so that they will become a regular part of life. In addition to education and motivation, many people need someone to hold them accountable. Your trainer tracks your progress and continually refines your program. As issues arise your trainer develops solutions to keep you on track.

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