Safety First

As with so much this year, 2020 has broadened how safety is defined. Yes, clients value our professional practices and insights, but cleanliness has become a top priority. Whether training in home or at our private fit club, we have cleaning protocols to keep our clients, ourselves, and all those we care for safe.

If you are considering working with us, it is important to note that Body Within is NOT A GYM. Our fit club is PRIVATE. When you train at our club, you get the whole place to yourself…and it will be CLEAN. Trainers arrive 15 minutes prior to the workout to pull equipment. Trainers are responsible for cleaning all equipment and making sure the room is ready. Our trainers are required to wear a mask the entire time they are in the building. (Our clients are required to wear a mask while in the building, but not while working out.) After every workout, the trainer again cleans the equipment then prepares the room for the next session. Furthermore, our club is professionally sanitized twice times a week using Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution. During these cleanings every piece of equipment is pulled and thoroughly sanitized.

Of course, going into our client’s homes is a bit different. We don’t clean everything, but we do come prepared. Trainers are required to wear a mask and to carry hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and the plan for the day. We take care of your home like it is our own and see to it that you get a great workout each and every time!

Of course, with our remote training option safety is more about exercising safely. Body Within is a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined knowledge. We pride ourselves on serving our clients with personalized exercise and stretching programs. Safety at Body Within also means respecting each client’s personal abilities and designing specifically for them.