• Chris Schild

    Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

    Chris Schild is a successful fitness professional and co-founder of Body Within, INC., a top fitness company that specializes in working with busy, overweight,...

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  • Jenny Schild

    Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

    Feeling unmotivated? Jenny can fix that. Holding a degree from James Madison College, a personal training certification from American Council on Exercise...

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  • Michelle MacDermaid

    Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

    With her own personal health risks, Michelle found a new career path helping others. “I understand wanting to feel better and to move better. Our body...

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  • Belinda Wirth

    Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

    After moving home to Michigan, Belinda decided to focus on a life in balance. She became a personal trainer and now enjoys helping others achieve healthy...

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  • Heather Pierson

    Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

    Heather came to Body Within as a client after struggling with weight and poor nutrition for much of her life. She became clinically obese and was prescribed...

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Body Within is punctual, accommodating, professional, and results driven.

Chris T.

The days of my workouts I am up and ready for my trainer at 5:25 a.m. Knowing that he is coming is the difference between sleeping in and getting in shape. I am in better shape and have lost weight, both of which were my goals.  

Bill P.

Thank you! You have shown me that I am stronger than I thought I was. You have shown me how to move from couch potato to an active lifestyle. You have shown me that I can utilize the equipment I already own to create a challenging workout. You have shown me more ways to do…

Beth Anne V.

I was not sure how much progress I could make at 80 years old. My first goal was to walk up and down stairs with ease. Chris helped me accomplish this by strengthening my enitre body. I can now keep up with my wife when walking and shopping around town. I can even complete 8…

Dr. C.

Body Within is awesome! Their unique approach to training has made a huge impact on my son. We see the results not only physically, but emotionally as well. His confidence has soared and it is fun to watch this transformation. They keep it interesting and fun for him and for a young boy/man that is…

Kim L.

The biggest benefit I’ve experienced from working with a personal trainer is having a permanent focus on better health. In the absence of a trainer when life became hectic, I would not carve any time out to exercise. In addition, I would fall into the habit of not paying attention to my food choices. Working…

LeAnn K.

Since I began working out with Jenny all movements are easier. I especially notice this when I am walking up and down stairs. My arthritis has improved! The stiffness is gone. I have more energy throughout the day. I am more alert and have more stamina. Plus I am sleeping better.

Muriel K.
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