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"I Don't Dread Workouts Anymore!"

Kathy began working with Body Within for the usual reasons...stress management, convenience, and to create consistency with her workouts. For years she worked on building func ...View Full Story

Where Should I Begin?

It was a visit to the doctor's office that started everything.  Blood pressure was higher...again.  Weight was up as well.  Stress was not managed.  Sleepi ...View Full Story

Smart Moves

Anyone who has ever made a real estate transaction knows the amount of energy that goes into the details of every deal.  One deal may take a realtor into a home where cli ...View Full Story

Exercising Smarter to Exercise Longer

Motivation was never an issue. Going to classes was fun. The gym was a great place to socialize and meet like-minded people! The only problem...which was a BIG problem...class ...View Full Story

A Real Go-Getter

One of our most consistent clients we’ve ever had at Body Within proving “if you do works!” This story began like so many others. A new client needing a few n ...View Full Story

The Story of Every Busy Executive

We attract a certain type of client at Body Within. Of course, we can train all types of people, but we seem to attract a specific type. Think Busy Executive. I hope ...View Full Story

No More Meds

There is a moment in time when a choice in made. A decision. Change happens. There is movement in a new direction. As trainers, we often are a part of major change in peopl ...View Full Story

The Cold, Hard Truth

Think cold. February. Michigan. You are outside. Standing on a frozen lake. The wind is whipping around you. The sky is blue. There aren’t any clouds. There isn’t any warm ...View Full Story

Fighting Migraines One Workout At A Time

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that exercise can make migraines come less often and make them less severe. Adam, a doctor, knew this. However, he still suffered! Why? How c ...View Full Story

Breaking Out Of An Exercise Rut

Much of our lives are automated. I am not talking technology here. I am talking about the way humans move through their daily routines. Little thought is put into those things ...View Full Story

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