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“I Don’t Dread Workouts Anymore!”

Kathy began working with Body Within for the unusual reasons…stress management, convenience, creating consistency with her workouts. For years she worked on building functional strength and always liked having a little yoga every now and again.

Well, you know that saying, life comes at you fast! One day Kathy’s life unexpectedly shifted gears, but she was READY! Physically she was strong. We had challenged her enough throughout training that she felt confident to push back and push back HARD! And, not just physically, but mentally she felt her power and confidence as well.

Today, Kathy still works with a well-rounded functional program. Yoga, of course, is still included and recently we added boxing, because Kathy wants to be ready for whenever life decided to shift gears again.

Featured Testimonial

I'm a 61 year old female and wanted to hire a personal trainer to get me back on track the right way with toning my body. After doing my research I hired Body Within to assist me with my goal. I'm very happy with the assistance they have provided me with achieving my goal. Chris the owner is really good about matching you with a trainer that will help you achieve your goals. They are always professional, on time, and fun to work with. I don't really like to work out but found if I had each session a little different without repeat moves in that session it really helped and did not make me dread the workouts!

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