The Cold, Hard Truth

Think cold. February. Michigan. You are outside. Standing on a frozen lake. The wind is whipping around you. The sky is blue. There aren’t any clouds. There isn’t any warmth from the sun. Imagine being out there on purpose…to fish. This is what some people train for. This, personally, amazes me. I am always cold, so it is hard for me to imagine why this is a hobby.

For those who don’t know, frosty air is very dry. It can be brutal on the lungs. Additionally, ice fishing requires tools and equipment which one must drag out and assemble. From shanty to auger to walking long distances in the cold, ice fishing is one serious hobby that should be trained for. A strong core supporting powerful legs coupled with the ability to squat, crouch, kneel, and maneuver are needed. Balance and agility are required. Cardiovascular endurance is a must.  When you only have a little time each February to enjoy the great outdoors, proper preparation makes all the difference.  Hiring a team of professionals ensure annual outings are attending and the beauty of mother nature, no matter how cold, is celebrated.

The Coach
Featured Testimonial
I wanted to let you know that I "kicked butt" on the Stress Test Eco-cardiogram yesterday conducted at Henry Ford. My blood pressure readings at rest, while ramping up on the treadmill and immediate cool down rates exceeded normal acceptable readings! What was even better was the comments by the medical admins during the test on how "amazing" my blood pressure readings were after being on treadmill 8-10-12 minutes ramping up speed to a run to end the testing. ...comments like wonderful!, Wow! You don't see this much, were uttered. It was a feel good day and definitely wanted to thank the team at Body Within for getting me into great shape!
Paul - Brighton
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