Smart Moves

Anyone who has ever made a real estate transaction knows the amount of energy that goes into the details of every deal.  One deal may take a realtor into a home where climbing multiple sets of stairs is required.  Another deal may be hiking a large tract of land through mud, rough terrain, or even deep snow.  Heck, a realtor might find themselves crawling through small spaces or pulling themselves over unexpected obstacles.  It may be surprising, but realtors need to be physical, as well as mentally, sharp.  And, this realtor…one very powerful Body Within client…understands that every rep in the gym gives her an edge over her competition.  She knows that discipline in the gym…showing up, working hard, pushing limits…builds confidence in her physical body and in her mental outlook.   Her toughness comes from knowing that she has the strength and endurance to run with the big dogs! 

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Body Within has added so much quality-of-life. Physically I feel stronger and I can see the impact of improved fitness everywhere...even in my business life.  I feel sharper and more energized!  --Linda, Brighton  
Linda - Brighton
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