The Coach

A Real Go-Getter

One of our most consistent clients we’ve ever had at Body Within and proving “if you do it…it works!”

This story began like so many others. A new client needing a few new ideas to sprinkle into an already existing program. (Often times this is a routine that has been used for years. An oldie, but a goodie.)

After a few sessions learning more about body mechanics and functional movement, a forever client is born!

We started working together over 10 years ago and even to this day we still provide new ideas to keep the routine interesting.  The difference now is we have specific goals.  Not some cookie cutter routine.  There is no more oldie, but goodie because he is constantly making gain.  Exercise turned into something therapeutic. Directed. Intentional. A part of every day. An act, or as he would say, a groove that calms the body, builds physical strength, promotes mental clarity, and increases positive energy!


Featured Testimonial

Workouts with Belinda are fantastic! I’ve had many trainers in the past and she is by far the most attentive and creative. She definitely knows the proper form and technique and has been customizing my workouts to my capabilities from day one.   --Brian, Brighton

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