Where Should I Begin?

It was a visit to the doctor’s office that started everything.  Blood pressure was higher…again.  Weight was up as well.  Stress was not managed.  Sleeping was a challenge.  This was just the beginning! The doc looked over the top of his glasses and simply said, “You need to exercise.”

Simple enough…if you know how!  And frankly, sweating was gross and gyms were dirty.  So the first logical step seemed to be as straight forward as taking a walk.  After a few weeks of walking alone, she invited a friend who ultimately became an accountability partner and confidant. These gals covered many miles in their first year and the farther they went the more confident they felt.  Hills that were once intimating stopped looking so steep.  Two miles did not see far at all.  Heck they did five times that once!  And, sweating wasn’t so gross anymore.  She actually kind of liked it.  It made her feel like her body was alive and working like it should. 

Feeling stronger and seeing her body change sparked a bit of curiosity.  Questions started to bubble up.  What if I did more than just walk?  What if I started lifting weights?  What would I do!?  Where should I start?  After a quick google search, much to her delight, she wouldn’t have to find a gym.  She could learn how to exercise right in the privacy of her own home.

All this happened 10 years ago!  Since that day in the doctor’s office, exercise has controlled her blood pressure, alleviated much of her stress, and the weight that was lost never came back.  She is stronger now than she was 20 years ago!  She is fit, confident, and her powerful body has carried her through many adventures across the globe.

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Working with Heather has been awesome. She’s very energetic and motivates me to do things I never thought I could. I’ve not only improved my physical abilities, but also my nutrition as well. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs health and fitness guidance.  --Marsha, Brighton
Marsha - Brighton
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