The Story of Every Busy Executive

We attract a certain type of client at Body Within. Of course, we can train all types of people, but we seem to attract a specific type. Think Busy Executive. I hope this term doesn’t offend, but rather pulls to mind someone on a tight schedule that is driven by goals and results. Achievement and success are expected. Busy Executives want reliable, educated, professional trainers. Their time is valuable. We respect that. (If a Busy Executive were reading this, they would already be skimming toward to end to find bottom line details.)

Busy Executive have similar personalities and similar physically dysfunctions. Tight lower backs. Inhibited glutes. Rounded shoulders. Tech neck. All these are exaggerated from too much sitting and not enough movement. All combine with too much eating out and too much stress for disastrous results.

The bottom line…Body Within has served Busy Executives from nearly twenty years. We have corrected poor postures, loosen tight backs, burned stress, managed tight schedules, and created workouts routines for hotels rooms across the globe!

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Workouts with Belinda are fantastic! I’ve had many trainers in the past and she is by far the most attentive and creative. She definitely knows the proper form and technique and has been customizing my workouts to my capabilities from day one.   --Brian, Brighton
Brian - Brighton
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