Exercising Smarter to Exercise Longer

Motivation was never an issue. Going to classes was fun. The gym was a great place to socialize and meet like-minded people! The only problem…which was a BIG problem…classes weren’t individualized. They couldn’t be. Everyone did the same thing, over and over, with only a few alternatives here and there.

Hiring a personal trainer seemed unnecessary, but one Christmas she was gifted a trainer and everything changed. No…she didn’t stop going to classes. Instead, she went with ideas on how to move well. She learned ways to modify exercises so they felt better. She learned alternatives for the high impact movements. We cleaned up her form and balanced her workouts. We added more flexibility exercises and taught her what to do on her days away from gym.

Like many of our clients, we have worked along side of her for years. As her body changes and as she tries different classes we provide new ideas and insights to keep her feeling strong and moving well.

Featured Testimonial
The team at Body Within personalizes every fitness plan.  As my goals change, so does my program. My trainer has always been available to me via text when I have anything I need to share.  While I’m not their only client, I get their undivided attention...which is priceless!  --Debbie, Brighton
Debbie - Brighton