Breaking Out Of An Exercise Rut

Much of our lives are automated. I am not talking technology here. I am talking about the way humans move through their daily routines. Little thought is put into those things we do every day like brushing our teeth, preparing the first cup of coffee in the morning, or driving to and from the office. This mindlessness often slips into people’s workouts as well. It is interesting how many people wear the same clothes to workout at the same time in the same place while running through the same old exercises. It isn’t surprising that the same old, same old routine isn’t good for people’s bodies or their brains. Vary IS the spice of life. People need to break out of their exercise ruts. Bodies should be challenged physically. Varying the loads, the tempo, the intensity, and patterns is what creates overall strength and functional fitness.

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My personal training at Body Within really got me out of a rut! My fitness level was spiraling downward and I felt like it was inevitable that it would stay that way. Heather keeps my workouts varied and interesting, and I have come to look forward to exercising. I've seen real results, and I have never felt stronger and healthier! Amy - Brighton
Amy - Brighton
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