Fighting Migraines One Workout At A Time

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that exercise can make migraines come less often and make them less severe. Adam, a doctor, knew this. However, he still suffered! Why? How could that be? Well…like so many of us he knew what he should do, but failed to make time to do it! Body Within became the solution to that problem. Our training service prioritized workouts in Adam’s schedule. Once he scheduled with us, he knew it would happen. Come Hell or high water, a Body Within trainer was going to show up at his front door ready to workout.

Hiring a trainer was the added accountability that he needed. Plus, he had the professional guidance to start at the appropriate place for his abilities. He started slow and steadily built strength and endurance, so that his workouts helped manage his migraines, not set them off. And, through exercise, he also managed his stress. The workouts burnt off those unwanted burdens and also helped him sleep better. Within the first six month, he was sleeping more soundly than he had in years, his stress was under control, and he enjoyed more and more time migraine free.

The Coach
Featured Testimonial
I feel much stronger and more conditioned, my body fat has dropped almost 5%...perhaps most importantly my meds have been reduced by 70% and migraine headaches are nearly gone! Thank you team Body Within!
Adam - Brighton
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