An Elite Athlete Who Is Also A Grandma

Terese seems to defy the normal aging process with her strength, power, and endurance. This grandmother to five has several first place marathon finishes and is also a top ranked Ironman! The most surprising part of her story, she didn’t start training till she was in her 40s!!! One day she decided to run and get the mail…literally. Her amazing journey to becoming an elite athlete started by a jog to the mailbox. Each day she went a bit further and then a bit further. She started meeting other runners and then, as they say, she was off to the races!

Since 2006, Body Within has been a part of Terese’s training team. We focus on strength training and flexibility. Our contribution to her success is all about keeping balance within her training program…being sure her core is strong and stable, developing upper body strength and endurance to help carry her across the miles, and helping with post-competition recovery through manual stretching and release.

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Great trainers who meet my personal needs and prepare me for my races. Awesome people who are always very accommodating to my busy schedule!  --Terese, Hartland
Terese - Hartland
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