Super Papa!

“I don’t want to be a papa. I want to be a SUPER papa!” I remember the day we had this conversation. It was as if I could see his cape swirling in the wind behind him. He was inspired. I was inspired and five grand kids later he is living up to his words. SUPER papa does everything from sledding in the winter to family baseball tournaments in the summer…on the field he built! He walks the woods, taps trees, boils the sap to make maple syrup, and relishes the laughter that fills his kitchen and home. Super grandpa rides bikes, is a master at hide-&-go-seek, and travels hither and yon to sporting events, dance recitals, and school assemblies.

Yes, it takes strength and endurance training to keep up with the youngens! He lifts. He carries heavy things. He pushes and he pulls. Flexibility is always a high priority and balance work is a must! All of this is hard work, but it is a labor of love that this superhero cherishes.

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Since working with Body Within my health has really improved. I’m down about 25 pounds, have gained strength, and improved my balance. In fact, I was just at the doctor's office. My blood pressure and cholesterol are both back into normal levels!  --Gary, Hartland
Gary - Hartland
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