The Fear of Falling

I did not know exactly how to say it, but the thought of getting onto the floor was really scary! I was actually embarrassed to say it out loud. I had just met Chris for the consultation and was feeling awkward expressing this fear. To my surprise though, Chris made me feel comfortable talking about it openly. He told me that many people fear getting down onto the floor, because they aren’t sure they can get back up. I was happy to hear I wasn’t alone! Having an open and honest conversation around my fitness fears felt like a relief. Chris put me at ease and his confidence became contagious. I knew at that moment my first fitness goal was to get strong enough to lift myself off the floor.

My program started with total body conditioning. We worked on core strength and balance. It felt really good to connect with my body. I could feel myself slowly getting stronger and my confidence was growing as well. I knew I had made a significant change the day I looked at the floor and was excited, not scared. I am now able to lift myself up and I stand tall beaming with confidence!

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I am so glad I decided to work with Body Within. Heather worked around my problem areas, which aren’t problems anymore! My knees feel better and my arms are starting to take shape.
Mary - Howell
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