For The Love of Golf

The competitive spirit is alive and well in many golfers we train. It seems respect is earned from a power drive. Endurance and focus are needed to stay on course. And, I am told, the real money is made on the greens. There also seems to be a certain satisfaction that is derived from beating friends in a round of golf. I may never experience this type of glory, but I know what it takes to get a power swing. I know the importance of using both rotational and anti-rotational exercises. I understand spinal alignment, hip placement, and weight distribution. I have used and continue to seek new stretches and exercised that have a direct impact on a player’s game. And, if all goes well, the money made on the greens pays for more personal training!

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I played golf with one of my "Big Hitter" buddies this weekend and I was out driving him!! I can't believe how much my strength, flexibility, and balance has improved since working with Body Within Inc., for just 3 months!
Craig - Howell
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