Drops 25, But Gains 10. (That’s Pounds and Years!)

No surprises here! The title says it all. Truly, it is amazing how dropping 25 pounds can add so much to life. Gone is a stiff body with achy joints. Now there is a sensation of athleticism. It feels good to move. Jump. Run. Play. Faster. Lighter. Stronger. There is a desire to be active. Sweat is now a reward for achievement, not a sign of struggle and defeat. Even sleeping is less strenuous, more restful. Walking in the woods, instead of sitting in front of a computer, brings peace and quiet. Even cooking is a calming practice and a new way to be creative.

When the decision was made to loose weight, dropping 25 pounds was the ending point. Now, it appears, that it is actually just the beginning!

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Thank you so much Team Body Within! As of yesterday, I am down 25 pounds and feeling better than I have felt in 10 years! Plus I’m moving so much better with great energy!
Tom - Howell
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