Stretching Changed my Life

I love to run! I have been a runner all my life. Running is what has kept me mentally sharp and physically strong…for the most part.  In recent years, I started having nagging back pain.  As the pain grew, my running suffered. When I could not figure out how to remedy the discomfort on my own, I turned to Body Within.

As a lifelong athlete, I thought I would ace the fitness assessment. But, to my surprised the results showed how much I needed to work on… especially my flexibility! I was TIGHT, and I needed to learn how to stretch out.

After a few sessions, the Body Within team created solutions for my problems. For the first time in my life I have a well-rounded fitness routine. I have a personalize plan that works on my strength AND flexibility. After a few months of dedicated work, I have increased my endurance, my tightness is gone, my back is supported, and I feel stronger than I have in years!

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On the very first visit, I was given great information to help alleviate my back problems.
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