Me Time Means Go Time

Every day, before the sun rises, know an ambitious woman is starting her day off right.  The house is quiet.  The husband and two young boys are still tucked away.  Even the dog is half-hearted at this early hour.  But, this is the golden hour of Me Time!

This precious time is a little different each day.  Some days are dedicated to reading or meditation, but two days a week are dedicated to training with Body Within.  Me Time is Go Time on these days and working out in the morning guarantees success throughout the day.  These workouts burn stress, elevate energy, and release endorphins.  Plus these workouts are always personalized.  Her trainer addresses asymmetries, uses corrective exercises to help the body move efficiently, and incorporates strength, endurance, and balance exercises into every session.  She doesn’t have to worry what to do next or what exercises will get her to her goals.  She can relying on a well educated trainer and be confident that her Me Time won’t be wasted time.

Featured Testimonial
I love my workouts!  Everyday I am gaining more and more mobility and am feel great. I had actually forgotten what it was like to feel so good!  --Stephanie, South Lyon
Stephanie - South Lyon
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