Family Matters

A blessing for Body Within is the length of time our clients stay with us. This couple is just one example of training across the years. When we first teamed up with this husband and wife life was just beginning to move into a new stage. The last child of three was finishing high school and it was time to prepare for an empty nest. Both had careers that demanded high levels of mental concentration and long hours away home. Our workouts provided them an opportunity to create a healthy space in their home and a time to be together. In-home training started as stress management, but it became much more.  It was time to work together, a time to encourage each other, and sometimes show off for one another.

Over the years we have lifted heavy weights, pushed through the challenges of intense cardio training, and used yoga to open the body and find a place of calm. We have seen high school graduation, college graduation, weddings, and the birth of grandchildren. It has been a privilege and a blessing to work with people dedicated to taking care of each other for the love of their family!


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My wife and I have been working out with Body Within for almost 10 years.  They truly care about our health and physical condition. We both have arthritis and they always find ways to work around it and improve our daily movements.  There are patient and provide tireless support all while keeping the workouts fresh and effective.  --Lance and Marquerite, Pinckney
Lance and Marquerite - Pinckney
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