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Retirement was supposed to be a peaceful time for enjoying his dream home, playing with grandchildren, and having time to take them hunting and fishing on his property.  Retirement was the culmination of decades of hard work and sacrifice.  Then the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease came. 

Body Within is fortunate to work with amazing clients.  People who have fortitude.  People who get knocked down, but get back up.  People who take action.  People who are strong! 

Shortly after the diagnosis we began working together, because exercise has a blunting affect on Parkinson’s.  Amazingly, exercise targets motor and cognitive circuitry which promotes neuroplasticity.  Plus, the workouts were fun.  We boxed.  He learned multiple throwing combinations, worked on his foot speed, and beat the hell out of my catching mits.  We also tossed around a football and ran offensive patterns outside. 

Ultimately, retirement was not as peaceful and easy going as expected, but the ability to hunt, fish, and play with the grand kids is worth all the hard work.

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I feel so much stronger since working with Body Within.  I’m physically able and more capable now than ever.  --Joe, Pinkcney
Joe - Pinckney
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