The Dynamic Digital Duo!

Three times a week, before the sun rises, this dynamic duo make their way into their basement.  They prop up their iPad and wait for FaceTime to ring in.  When their faces are beamed into my office I always smile, because I know they are ready to go and willing to give their best effort.  They work hard for themselves and each other.  They encourage and compliment each other.  They have fun.  They laugh.  They horse around and sometimes show off a bit.  (It ain’t bragging if you can do it!)  I know I am biased as a personal trainer, but I strongly feels couples that workout together stay together.  Maybe it is from all the natural endorphins, increased blood flow, and extra oxygen in the body.  Maybe it is simply having dedicated time to spend together.  Maybe it is the opportunity to share in work, struggle, perseverance, achievement, and success that creates a stronger bond.  Maybe it is just seeing your spouse strong and able-bodied that does the trick!  Whatever the magic combination is, I am lucky to witness it each and every week with this dynamic duo.



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My husband and I, ages 71 and 69, have been working out 3 times per week for over two years with Body  Within.  We have so much more energy and flexibility than we ever imagined we could regain. The trainers are well educated and they communicate with each other making sure our workouts experience covers all the muscle groups.  --Tony & Barb, South Lyon
Barb - South Lyon
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