Carrie – Hartland

I suffered a back injury one year ago and felt like my active lifestyle was over. I got in touch with Body Within and hired a personal trainer. It has been the best decision t... Read More

Craig – Howell

I played golf with one of my "Big Hitter" buddies this weekend and I was out driving him!! I can't believe how much my strength, flexibility, and balance has improved since wo... Read More

Adam – Brighton

I feel much stronger and more conditioned, my body fat has dropped almost 5%...perhaps most importantly my meds have been reduced by 70% and migraine headaches are nearly gone... Read More

Stephanie – Brighton

I love my workouts!  Everyday I am gaining more and more mobility and am feel great. I had actually forgotten what it was like to feel so good!  --Stephanie, South L... Read More

Amy – Brighton

My personal training at Body Within really got me out of a rut! My fitness level was spiraling downward and I felt like it was inevitable that it would stay that way. Heather ... Read More

Kathy – Brighton

The Body Within team is always professional, on time, and fun to work with. I don't really like to work out, but found if I had each session a little different it really helpe... Read More


MANISTEE NATIONAL FOREST-Suicide Bend. 247 steps down to the river and that means 247 steps up wearing waders and carrying a cooler, tackle bag, fishing pole and 50 lbs of kin... Read More

Terese G.

  Body Within keeps me at the top of my game:  40 Marathons and 13 Ironman 70.3 Triathlons.*    

Frank V.

Other than the increase in strength, the best improvement has been in my flexibility. My hamstrings were extremely tight. The added flexibility has made everything easier! The... Read More

Gloria S.

  I can do 150 jump ropes at age 75!*      

Dave V.

When I first started working with Body Within I was overweight and smoked. Originally I worked with Chris to show me the correct way to lift weights and maximize my workouts. ... Read More

Sue J.

When I was in my late twenties, I was diagnosed with a rare hip disease that caused me so much pain and I lost 20% mobility in my left leg. My husband is a U. S. Naval Officer... Read More

Chris T.

Dr. C.

I was not sure how much progress I could make at 80 years old. My first goal was to walk up and down stairs with ease. Chris helped me accomplish this by strengthening my enit... Read More

Sylvia G.

I can do more this year than I could last year.  Thank you Body Within!

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