Best Fitness Apps for Fall, 2016

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It’s officially fall so it is time to pull out those sweaters and jeans from last winter. And, maybe, just maybe, instead of fitting like they did last year, those “sexy boot cut jeans” have turned into those “muffin top boot cuts.” If so, you’re not alone. With that in mind, let’s talk about the latest nutrition apps to help you get back on track!

First on our list is “Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker” by MyFitnessPal. It’s available for iPhone and Android phones, and both give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is a good, all-around nutrition guide with a data base of more than 3 million foods – including restaurant foods – and provides you with info on everything from fat and fiber content to carbs and cholesterol amounts. It also has a barcode scanner that lets you look up items while you’re grocery shopping. If you’re a list maker and a “numbers” person – this is truly the app for you!

If you’re one of those people who think a home-cooked meal is dinner at Boston Market, Healthy Out is for you. This free app is available for iPhone and Android based phones, and is rated 4.5 stars by iPhone and 4 stars by Android. This app lets you choose from a selection of diet and nutrition filters like “low-carb” or “not a salad”. It then searches for restaurants and dishes that fit your parameters and diet plan. Select the dish and you get detailed nutrition information to help you stay on track even when eating out.

Available for 99 cents from Apple, Substitutions is handy in the supermarket and the kitchen by offering alternatives for foods you want to avoid. It also gives tips for ingredients you can swap in a pinch if you’re in the middle of cooking something and realize you’re missing a key item. It can save you from that “now I have to get dressed and run to the store” middle of cooking scenario. Note: Android has a similar app called “Food Substitutes” also for 99 cents.

Another great app for both nutrition AND fitness is “My Plate” for iPhone. It’s rated 4.5 stars and it’s free! My Plate, from tracks your macronutrients, calories, water intake, and exercise, gives you daily feedback on your diet, and shows you how many calories left until you hit your daily limit. You can add your own recipes to its already extensive food database, so you can keep the log as accurate as possible. It also features a number of built-in workouts for you to follow anywhere you go. And for added motivation, there’s a community of users you connect with to get you on track and keep you there!

Finally, probably one of the best companions to take grocery shopping, besides someone to carry the bags, is ShopWell, an app that makes grocery shopping for healthy foods as easy as pie. Ok, not pie, but you know what we mean. You start off by entering your health goals along with any allergies or concerns you may have, like gluten intolerance or peanut allergies. Then the next time you’re in the store just scan the bar code of each item you select. ShopWell will let you know if this item works with your goals or not. It can also give you options that will work better for you, as well as recipes, hints, and tips from their dietitian. It’s a free app for both Android and iPhone and both give it a 4.5 star rating. Pretty impressive!