Best Time to Workout


As a fitness trainer I often get asked the same questions and one of the most popular is…when is the best time to workout?  Maybe your asked this before!

What would you say?  In the morning?  Evening?  Does it even matter?

Well, science tells us around 6 in the evening is the best time to workout.  Researchers looked at lung function, body temperature and hormones.  They found body temperatures were higher in the evening as were hormone levels.  This led to a better calorie burn.

However, 6 pm may not be the most ideal time in your schedule!  Don’t panic.

My experience as a trainer is working out in the morning leads to more overall consistency.  There are fewer distractions and fewer scheduling conflicts.  Most people feel energized, alert and ready for the day after a morning workout.  Even in the summer months working out in the morning beats the heat of the day.

So, when is the best time to workout?  There are benefits to exercising no matter what time of the day.  The only way to benefit from exercise is to workout regularly.  Exercise when the time is right for you; in the morning, during the afternoon, or at night.  It does not matter when just that you get it in!