Terese – Hartland

Great trainers who meet my personal needs and prepare me for my races. Awesome people who are always very accommodating to my busy schedule!... Read More

Gary – Hartland

Since working with Jenny at Body Within my health has really improved. I’m down about 25lbs, have gained strength & balance. And, in fact, I was just at the Dr’s and my blood pressure and cholesterol are both back into normal levels!... Read More

Kathy – South Lyon

Working with the staff at Body Within has helped me set up very obtainable fitness goals. I have been recovering from a lower back injury and after completing physical therapy, it was difficult and sometimes scary to work out. I was in constant pain and wasn't able to do some of my favorite activities. The program BWI set up worked within my abilities, focusing on building up the muscles to support the injured area. And, it was also convenient for my busy work schedule. Withi... Read More

Lance and Marquerite – Pinckney

My wife and I have been working out with Body Within for almost 10 years.  They truly care about our health and physical condition. We both have arthritis and they always find ways to work around it and improve our daily movements.  There are patient and provide tireless support all while keeping the workouts fresh and effective.... Read More

Lance – Pinckney

Body Within has been helping me stay healthy and fit for over a decade.  It’s also a huge stress relief for mental clarity!... Read More

Linda – Brighton

Body Within has added so much quality-of-life physically, as well as, enhancing my career.... Read More

Debbie – Brighton

The team at Body Within personalizes the fitness plan to each individual.  My trainer has been available to me via text when I have anything I need to share.  While I’m not their only client, I get their undivided attention...which is priceless! ... Read More

Barb – South Lyon

My husband and I, ages 71 and 69, have been working out 3x per week for over 2 years with Body  Within.  We have so much more energy and flexibility than we ever imagined we could regain. The trainers are well educated and they communicate with each other making sure our workouts experience covers all the muscle groups.... Read More

Joe – Pinckney

I feel so much stronger and capable now since working with Body Within.  I’m physically able and more capable now than ever.... Read More

Marsha – Brighton

Working with Heather has been awesome. She’s very energetic and motivates me to do things I never thought I could. I’ve not only improved my physical abilities but also my nutrition as well. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs health and fitness guidance.... Read More