Remote Training

Remote Training
WHY choose remote training?

  • Private and Convenient 
  • Non-Intimidating 
  • Education, Motivation and Accountability 
  • Germ Free
  • Money Back Guarantee 

WHAT is involved?

  • Complimentary Consultation: Let’s Chat!  This is our 20-minute discovery session to begin honing in on your wants and needs.
  • Fitness Assessment:  We look at your strengths and any imbalances then complete a functional movement screen in order to customize a fitness plan.  
  • Workouts:  Focused 50-minute sessions to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and conditioning all while being coached on good form, perfect posture, and “minding your muscle”…a proven technique of Body Within. 
  • Nutrition:  Education around portion sizes, meal planning and timing, and healthier eating insights to help you develop YOUR plan.  
  • Support:  As your coach, we are there for you! Talk, text, email…we will be sure all your questions are answered and you have the support you need to succeed!

WHO uses remote training?

The reasons people choose remote training varies.  Some remote clients are busy, some are germ conscience, others travel frequently, and some simply have not been satisfied their local options. Our remote clients vary in ages, abilities, and specific needs and wants, but they all love the option of training from anywhere there is an internet connection.


I’ve used Body Within’s online training for the last ten years. They are reliable. They never cancel! They are so knowledgeable and provide the proper workouts to help me meet my goals. I enjoy using my body along with my own equipment for exercise. I highly recommend any of their services!

Jan, NC