With our corporate wellness program, Body Within’s personal trainers’ expertise will improve the overall well being of your staff. Our fitness coaches will come to your office for individual or group sessions to get the stress out, fitness level up, and sick days down, while improving morale and productivity.

Our services include 40-Minute Lunch and Learns where topics range from fitness to nutrition.  A few examples…

Office Fit: Time to Take A Stand. Beware of the chair! Sitting is the next smoking. Understand why sitting takes a drastic toll on health and learn how to counteract the side effects associated with excessive sitting.

Portion Distortion. Our eyes are broken when it comes to food and appropriate serving sizes. Learn simple methods to keep food portions from getting out of control.

Take A Breather: A Guide to Stress Relief. This is our most relaxing seminar! We teach practical exercises, self-massage methods, and breathing techniques to help tame stress.

We also offer individual or group fitness classes that include lunchtime yoga sessions and a variety of circuit training. If your company needs any sort of stretch and flex routines, Body Within can help!


Known benefits from wellness programs:

Improved employee morale.

Increased productivity and efficiency.

Decreased absenteeism.

Decreased disability claims and other drains on payroll.

Reduced employee turnover resulting in lower organizational costs by saving on recruitment and training campaigns.


What corporations say about Body Within:

“Body Within is always very accommodating to our changing corporate needs by offering customized workouts and flexible availability. They also provide nutritional counseling to individuals who have requested such. We are very impressed with their professionalism and expansive knowledge of their field.”
–Osprey, SA. Brighton, Michigan

“Body Within comes to our office weekly to provide yoga sessions to our employees, which they absolutely love. Jenny fits right in with our group and everyone just think she’s wonderful. The classes are appropriately paced and everyone leaves feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized. I would absolutely recommend Body Within to other businesses interested in increasing employee job satisfaction and overall morale while also encouraging health and wellness.”
-Michigan Municipal League. Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I wanted to take the time to thank you and Body Within, Inc. for providing our office with weekly yoga classes. Not only do we look forward to the break from our day to day activities, but we appreciate how you customize your class based on our needs. It’s never the same thing twice, so it keeps the class interesting, plus we undoubtedly feel better after we’re done.

Without a doubt I would recommend Body Within, Inc. to any company that is curious about pursuing any type of a fitness program for their employees. You are always professional and personable to everyone who attends a class.”
-Groundwater & Environmental Services. Brighton, Michigan


Return on Investment:

The exact cost effectiveness of corporate wellness programs vary from corporation to corporation. However, the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion suggest the average cost-to-benefit impact is a $2 healthcare cost saving for every $1 spent on corporate wellness programs.


If you are interested in discussing corporate wellness program options for your workplace please contact us.  Our fitness consultants will work to quickly answer your questions.


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