Diet and the Blues: Part 2

Could your diet be giving you the blues? If you are eating fast food on a regular basic you might want to take a moment to consider how cheap and easy it really is. Once you factor in the changes it can make to your physical and mental well being, the true price of that cheap stuff gets steep real fast. According to a 2012 study in the journal Public Health Nutrition, people who eat fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than those who don't. To clarify: W... Read More

The Dirty Dozen 2017

Not all fruits and vegetables are equal when it comes to pesticides. Some produce, like avocados, corn and mangoes, have peels or husks that shield produce flesh from pesticides. Other fruits and vegetables, however, don't have a protective layer. Fruits like strawberries "will always have a lot of pesticide residue because it has no protective outer peel and they grow directly on the ground," according to Sonya Lunder, Environmental Working Group’s senior analyst. On M... Read More

The Clean Fifteen 2017

We recently blogged about the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list fruits and vegetables. So what is the flip side? What are the cleanest fruits and vegetables to eat? Again, we turn to the EWG for their Clean Fifteen list. First up…sweet corn. Corn is the second most mass produced food in the world after sugar cane. The mass production of corn makes it a surprise to have it on the Clean Fifteen list. However there are two reasons working in corn’s favor. Fir... Read More

A New Year…A New You!

So we are three weeks into a new year and a new you…Way to go! But, take a moment to realize that it is time to shake things up again…already! Repeating the same workout week in and week out is not helping you get much fitter, says personal trainer Craig Ramsay, author of Anatomy of Muscle Building. “Our body wants us to take the easy road,” he says, adding that muscles will adapt to an exercise program and, ultimately, require less effort to complete it. For better r... Read More

Best Fitness Apps for Fall, 2016

It's officially fall so it is time to pull out those sweaters and jeans from last winter. And, maybe, just maybe, instead of fitting like they did last year, those "sexy boot cut jeans" have turned into those "muffin top boot cuts." If so, you're not alone. With that in mind, let’s talk about the latest nutrition apps to help you get back on track! First on our list is "Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker" by MyFitnessPal. It's available for iPhone and Android phones, and... Read More

Private. Professional. Convenient.

In-home, personal training by Body Within provides you with the personal training expertise you would receive in a gym, but with the privacy and distraction free setting of your home. Body Within's personal trainers make fitness convenient by coming directly to you and providing the motivation, leadership, and support team needed to reach and maintain your personal fitness and nutrition goals. All of our certified personal trainers are 100% focused on YOU and your goals. ... Read More