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Light Up the Night

As the days get shorter, most outdoor exercisers will find themselves out after dark. Whether you're a runner, a biker, or just an after-dinner stroller, with often less than 10 hours of daylight, there's no way around it, so safety is key. Mostly, it's just using common sense. Know where you're going, let someone else know your route, and above all else, wear reflective gear. Drivers can't see you in the dark unless you do. But, coming in early 2015, some innovative new prod... Read More

Private. Professional. Convenient.

In-home, personal training by Body Within provides you with the personal training expertise you would receive in a gym, but with the privacy and distraction free setting of your home. Body Within's personal trainers make fitness convenient by coming directly to you and providing the motivation, leadership, and support team needed to reach and maintain your personal fitness and nutrition goals. All of our certified personal trainers are 100% focused on YOU and your goals. ... Read More